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Upgrade your messaging experience with GBWhatsApp Pro. Discover Enhanced features, Privacy focused and Customization options.

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Material Design UI

Within the sound of silence, there is a lot of creativity filled in WhatsApp Mods. It’s all inside the interface of GBWhatsApp Pro, where you’ll find the GB Settings filled with different options regarding Privacy, Security, Customization, and Automation.

There is nothing easier in this world than differentiating an official app from its modification and finding the pieces of context. But when it comes to the app without any premium subscription plan or different faces for the free paid memberships, like differentiating WhatsApp with its mods.

Although, this article will help you today doing that with the help of acknowledging GB WhatsApp Pro app, all its elements, and the procedural parts.

GBWhatsApp Pro is the generationally older version of GBWhatsApp created by the same developers by clearing all the bugs in their prior app. They simultaneously added support for the newer mod features and, most prominently, an option to use it installed on our smartphones when the official app is already installed. In this case, the mod will help you use two different WhatsApp accounts on the same device simultaneously.

Get ready and keep the doors to your technological mind open for the best elements that you’ll find in this app. Moreover, there would be a few limitations of this mod, which shouldn’t be taken lightly by the users, as they are relatively connected with the account security. Within them, we’re also going to drop a few procedures to help you install and switch to GB WhatsApp Pro with your complete data backup.

GBWhatsApp Pro APK

What is GBWhatsApp Pro for?

For being simple and concise, GBWhatsApp Pro is for those instant messaging freaks who don’t want to settle for a lesser number of options. It’s for those who want their messaging interface to be lightened up, far more adorned than the official app.

Furthermore, for the ones who see automation as an important part in online messaging and relatively to save time. In other words, it’s for those who want to be unique and privileged rather than the other users having official support.

This WhatsApp Mod works authentically the same as the official app, and they appraise all the users having them installed on their smartphones. Recently, some reports have shown it clear that millions of instant messengers are using WhatsApp Mods and keeping it updated with newer features. On this page, you’ll find out almost all the versions of GB WhatsApp Pro, including the most recent ones and obsolete ones.

But you need to install and keep it updated to using all the services of WhatsApp, as the official company is changing security scripts in every new update to track the mod users.

Although, the mods that we provide you with are successfully tested on multiple devices before, and also be amicable with the account security for having the anti-ban scripts. Again, it’s a dynamic app, and so you need to keep it updated for keeping your account safe and secure.

GBWhatsApp Pro vs. Official WhatsApp

FeatureGBWhatsApp ProWhatsApp
Direct Message
File Sending Limit999 MB100 MB
Themes Store
Forwarding LimitUnlimited Chats5 Chats
Security Lock
Download Status
Status Length255139
Bulk Message
Icon Change
Custom Font
Freeze Last Seen
Hide Blue Ticks
Second Tick
Typing Status
DND Mode
Emoji Variants
Always Online
Hide Media From Gallery
Send Web Images Directly
Multi App Language Support
Send Images in Full Resolution

Why use GBWhatsApp Pro?

You should use GB WhatsApp Pro if you’re up for getting all the benefits related to extending the customization and privacy support from the instant messenger. Currently, you only know it as the name of messenger, but later after using the mod, you’ll avail these extreme privileges:


GBWhatsApp Pro Auto-Reply

Unlike the official app for WhatsApp, the modded versions allow you to reply to messages automatically with no effort at all. If you’re getting bored with the daily messaging and most of your messages sound exact to clients, friends, or family members, automate them with WhatsApp Mods. In case if you want to reply to the messages automatically, you just need to have some settings filled in the Auto Reply page and the later task would be directed to the add-on bot.

Download Status

GBWhatsApp Pro Download Status

This feature is my personal favorite, as I finally got annoyed asking my friends and clients for the videos they uploaded on their statuses to repost them. I also tried capturing screenshots and searching on Google, but it’s very time-consuming. After having GB WhatsApp Pro, we can have the Download button on each particular WhatsApp Status. All we need is to click that button and the video or photo will automatically get downloaded to the Storage.

Privacy & Security

GBWhatsApp Pro Privacy Security

When we think about replying to any WhatsApp Message, the first thing that comes to our mind is if any other recipient or contact would track us online on their app. That’s what the lack of privacy sounds like. If you want a WhatsApp Messenger with ultimate privacy and security options, this app suits you so much. You will find out more than 15 privacy options with a WhatsApp Lock that can’t just lock but also hide the confidential messages.

Additional Resources

GBWhatsApp Pro Additional Resources

We call the add-ons inside WhatsApp Mods as additional resources as they are used to intensify the messaging vibes as well as messaging with added emotions. The app includes newer styles of Emojis, Stickers, Notification Icons, Launcher Icons, font styles, and many more resources to keep you stuck with showing off the real meaning of messages to your contacts. Moreover, you can change the chat bubble and tick styles in the chat customization options.

DND Mode

GBWhatsApp Pro DND Mode

Do-Not-Disturb or what we majorly call DND can be used as your Meeting or Busy mode on these mods. In case if you’re in a meeting with your colleagues or enjoying a vacation with your happy family, no WhatsApp pings should ever distract you. Keeping that in mind, developers created a simple DND toggle which you can enable in no time, and disable all the notifications, and even message headers for the sole app.

Lack of Limitations

GBWhatsApp Pro No Limitations

WhatsApp officially limits you to various routes of messaging, where it comes up to sharing media files, forwarding messages, choosing numerous recipients to forward messages, and downloading statuses. Unlike that official thing, GBWhatsApp Pro is the one that allows you to share as many media files as you want to a single contact, increase its resolution up to original, forward any number of messages, or even pin a larger number of contacts to the top.

More Features

There are a few more features you need to understand deeply in favor of using a WhatsApp Mod like GBWhatsApp Pro. Above, we have talked about why you should switch to a mod, and the next below features would automatically weigh the factorials in favor of using it:

Hide Online Status

Whether you’re online or offline, using WhatsApp or not, your contacts get prior access to that status within the official app. It’s difficult to hide that, and it sounds illicit to be simplified, as we’re sometimes busy messaging with people and don’t want others to ping simultaneously. In such a case, you can simply enable a toggle in GB WhatsApp Pro to hide your online status.

Hide Blue Ticks

When you read someone’s messages, you will see a blue tick on their messenger screen. This is called Read Receipts. Nevertheless, the feature to hide these scripts is also available officially in WhatsApp Messenger, but the problem is it hides the status seen reports and blue ticks being hidden to us. Thanks to this modded version for a simple toggle to turn off Blue ticks for contacts while the service is still benefiting us.

Send Message without Saving Number

Sending a message or media file through the WhatsApp Messenger app is not less than a hustle these days if the number you’re messaging with isn’t saved on your phone book. If that makes you annoyed saving a number always before sending messages, you can use this modded version. It’ll allow you to send messages, or even call without saving a number.

Hide Media from Gallery

Once you get the media file shared by any of your WhatsApp contacts or groups, it gets saved on the Data folder for WhatsApp Messenger. Later, anyone can see that either in your phone’s gallery or through any File Manager app. While being a secure-modified version, GBWhatsApp Pro allows you to hide them from the Gallery, turning a single toggle on.

Download Themes

WhatsApp Mods got a resolution for all your problems, either if it’s with the backend or frontend. On the frontend, you can make the changes to the app’s interface with the customization options, or if you want to go more simplistic, there are preset themes. Once you installed your preferred theme, the complete interface will automatically get rearranged with its colors and sizing to make you enjoy messaging.

Customize Chat Interface

Once you’re with your favorite theme, or even the general WhatsApp Mod interface, you can also make some changes if you want in the chat interface. For that instance, you’ll have elements like chat bubbles, double ticks, font colors, font styles, chat colors, header, footer, etc. In other words, the whole customization side would be there for your convenience.

Add-on Stickers app

Finding better sticker packs for WhatsApp is a complex deal these days, as users are required to browse numerous websites all the way up. Afterward, you need to install them in particular, which is again not less than a headache. With GBWhatsApp Pro APK, you get support for an add-on stickers app, i.e., Stickers Plus APK. You can install it and get the best stickers on the mod modestly.

Convenient Interface

The convenience part has been upgraded within the WhatsApp Mods by turning three tabs to four. In simple words, when you had three tabs for Chats, Status, and Calls, now the modified version will amaze you with four of them simplified with an additional Groups tab. In this case, you will have an eternally different space for WhatsApp Groups. Moreover, all the mod elements are placed in a single folder space GB Settings.

Scheduled Messaging

Unlike the official version of WhatsApp, you can schedule messages within this version. There is an option with tremendously important options such as the numbers of participants, groups (if you want to add), message, delay (in seconds), and the scheduled time frame. Once you fill all these details, a system setting will automatically send the messages as per the schedule.

Dark/Light Mode Toggle

These days, every Android application works based on having two different modes, Light and Dark Mode, which can be scheduled differently for the Day and Night times. WhatsApp Messenger is the only app that doesn’t have a scheduling option, and you need to go a complex way enabling Dark Mode inside the Settings. Fortunately, the modified version will have a simple toggle for you on the top panel to enable/disable Dark Mode anytime.

Official Functionalities

All the official functionalities of WhatsApp can be used and operated even in WhatsApp Mods in the similar way as the official. The same way would be used to share messages, media files, add statuses, make online voice/video calls, and change chat wallpaper. Moreover, the similar servers are used in both WhatsApp Messenger and GBWhatsApp Pro APK to keep messaging end-to-end encrypted.

Download GBWhatsApp Pro APK Latest Version

App NameGBWhatsApp Pro
Size77 MB
Requirements5.0 and up
Last Updated1 day ago

When we go wandering the internet and choosing a diamond among a grander dimension of WhatsApp Mods, we sometimes get stuck in the period. After having such a huge number of options, we all find it so complex to pick the better one, and there you get a lightened up mod, GBWhatsApp Pro APK. It’s a generationally next version of the previous GBWhatsApp with some upgrades made within the scripts to keep it protected from the account ban issues.

All the bugs are fixed within the most recent update of this WhatsApp Mod, and you can download it instantly by clicking the above link. We’ve also mentioned the privileges one can enjoy after downloading the app in the above section’s list. You can go through this whole article and lastly install the package file by operating the below procedure step-by-step.

We also have uniquely listed some steps with which you can perform a switch from WhatsApp Messenger to GBWhatsApp Pro with all your chats and media files backed up.

Follow those steps if you’re not going to use WhatsApp Mod as a second WhatsApp account, but for your official account. As of now, or primarily, hit the below link to download the Pro version at the earliest to your phone:


How to Install GBWhatsApp Pro APK on Android?

Those who finally got obsessed with the features and functionalities of GBWhatsApp Pro APK can install the downloaded package file with a simple manual method. This won’t be as simple as clicking an Install button, as we’re going procedurally for the modified version. The reason behind that is the unavailability of the modified version on the Google Play Store. Although, no need to feel hectic, and just start the procedure with a calm breath:

  1. Download the GBWhatsApp Pro APK file from the above download link.
  2. Launch any File Manager app on your device, either system or third-party.
  3. Now, find the way to the Download folder, as that’s where you’ll locate the downloaded file.
  4. Once you get the APK file, click it and hold for the next prompt tab.
  5. If you’re seeing a stumbling prompt to enable installation from File Manager, click the Settings button in that tab.
  6. Enable the toggle for installation from Unknown Sources.
  7. Get back to the File Manager app, and this time you’ll see an Install button on the same prompt tab.
  8. Hit this Install button and wait until the process goes on.
  9. If you are using the below procedure to get data backup restored, open the Downloads folder and move the backup folder to the root storage.

    Once the installation is completed, and you can glimpse the GBWhatsApp icon on your phone’s app grid, you can click and launch it instantly. Afterward, you have to follow the below remaining steps for verifying your WhatsApp account on that app:
  10. Launch the GBWhatsApp Pro APK from the app grid on your device.
  11. Agree to the terms and conditions asked by the software.
  12. Inscribe your WhatsApp Number through which you want to use an account.
  13. Allow for a few important permissions reckoned to read messages for OTP.
  14. Type the One-Time Passcode if you didn’t allow that notification before.
  15. Click the Verify button and wait for verification.
  16. Later, allow a few more required permissions like Contacts and Internet.
  17. Wait until your account gets verified and skip the Google Account backup services.
  18. If you are switching with data backup, and have processed the below steps first, you’ll see a Restore button. Click it and restore all your older chats and media files.
  19. Fill in some profile details, including username, bio, and profile picture.

Wander the GBWhatsApp Pro interface with all the exceptional privileges and a massive library of additional settings labeled GB Settings. You can also read the below user reviews to know what most of the people liked in this modified version, which can’t be found officially.

How to Switch from Official WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp Pro?

Switching from WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp Pro isn’t that easy with the latest chats and media files, as the Google Data Backup process doesn’t work here. While working with this app, you’re supposed to create a manual backup differently on the File Manager app and then alter it a little for the modified version. Although, it’s not as hard as it sounds if you follow these steps carefully:

  • Launch the official WhatsApp app, from where you’re going to back up data files.
  • Click the top-right three-dot icon and open the Settings section.
  • Inside the Settings section, you’ll find the Chats tab.
  • Find the Chat Backup option in there and click it.
  • Mark the checkbox at the bottom to enable backing up media files, too.
  • Click the green Back Up button after you’ve enabled media files.
  • Wait until the backup process gets completed and get back to the File Manager app.
  • Within the root folder of File Manager, search the WhatsApp named folder, consisting of the complete backup files.
  • Copy this WhatsApp named folder to the Downloads folder.
  • Open the Downloads folder and rename the recently copied WhatsApp folder to GBWhatsApp. Similarly, rename all the interior folders with the name WhatsApp on them to GBWhatsApp, like WhatsApp Images to GBWhatsApp Images.

After completing the above procedure, you’ll have to process both the highlighted 9th steps in the above installation procedure to get your backed up chats recovered simplistically.

Tips to Avoid Getting Banned in GBWhatsApp Pro

Apart from the above listed pieces of knowledge about any WhatsApp Mod, there is a last important section, which has to be acknowledged. We have also highlighted it as a significant part of the article to keep your WhatsApp account secure when you’re using a mod. In actuality, since a few years ago, WhatsApp has been tracking the mods and temporarily banning the accounts using them.

GB WhatsApp Pro is a secure WhatsApp Mod with anti-ban scripts. We still need to comprehend you about a few tips you can follow for avoiding temporary or permanent bans on your account while using it. They are all as follows:

  • Use the sensitive features like Message Bomber and Mass Message Sender as less as you can.
  • Try not to share the status videos larger than 30 seconds with the mod privileges.
  • Don’t download WhatsApp statuses so frequently on mods.
  • Don’t use the caption colors unlisted on the official WhatsApp frequently.
  • Be Always updated about the version updates of WhatsApp Mod and keep GBWhatsApp Pro updated. You can bookmark this webpage for a convenient support.
  • Ask people for their consent before adding them to any unique group they don’t know about.

User Reviews

We need just a little more moments from your side to throw your focus on the reviews fed by the GBWhatsApp Pro users so that you can choose to use the best features first.

Whatever is there on the internet or the above article is the complete overview of the app, but below are five personal overviews by multiple users who enjoyed messaging with this app:

Manuel: Since 2015 I’ve been using WhatsApp and sending messages to all my friends, and once I saw my friend using a different kind of WhatsApp, I asked him for that. Once I got my hands on that mod thing, it made me crazier towards messaging, as my first experience was with GBWhatsApp. Most recently, I downloaded and used this GB WhatsApp Pro version, and it’s really feeling more privileged and secure when having all the previous features along. A piece of light in a darker area.

Francisco: WhatsApp has never been so beneficial for my kind of entrepreneurs, and then they threw up the WhatsApp Business thing with an Auto Reply. What about those who don’t want to switch? Next, I met GBWhatsApp Pro with both my favorite functionalities, Auto Reply and Scheduled Messaging. Currently, I’m using them and saving my messaging time to put that on more productive stuff.

Mariana: GBWhatsApp Pro app, what a brilliant customizable messaging app… Literally, if there is something I love about Android phones, it’s the availability of a diverse WhatsApp Mods, and once you get the best of all, you feel blessed. I’m using all those customization options, including themes, font styles, and even the launcher icons. Nothing else I’m ever needing.

Pedro: Online messaging and media sharing was my thing, and after Facebook and WhatsApp, I got my hands on this modified version of WhatsApp. You know what? There are no limitations at all on sharing files, forwarding messages, downloading status media, or even the media resolution. A simple messaging interface with a giant slice of features.

Rita: What an astonishing app! GB WhatsApp Pro is a perfect and most convenient mend for instant communication and interface customization. I’m tired of choosing themes among a huge list of more than 4,000 of them. They automatically change all the things, within font styles, colors, background, headers, footers, and the complete interface. Don’t wait any longer and download it now.


Is it safe to use GBWhatsApp Pro?

The answer to this question would be based on your usage, as if you’re using GBWhatsApp Pro’s risky features frequently, your account can get banned temporarily. But if you follow the tips shown above, you’ll be safe from the official account bans even while using its features.

How does GBWhatsApp Pro work?

GB WhatsApp Pro APK works with some add-on scripts to deliver you some remarkable features for customizing app interfaces, being privacy rich, and making messages secure. All those features can be enabled with the convenient toggles.

What is the difference between GBWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp Pro?

The difference between GBWhatsApp and GB WhatsApp Pro is simple and concise, they being the prior and upgraded versions respectively. Both the apps were developed by different developers, and the Pro version works with upgraded anti-ban scripts and some additional privileges.

What are the extra features of GBWhatsApp Pro?

Apart from the official instant messaging and media sharing features, the extra features of GBWhatsApp Pro include revoking deleted messages, customizing app interface, downloading themes, using add-on sticker packs, changing notification icons, enhancing privacy, etc.

Does GBWhatsApp Pro show deleted messages?

Yeah, GB WhatsApp Pro allows you to see the messages deleted for you once you enable the Anti-Delete messages toggle. Afterward, whenever someone would delete a message for you, it’d be shown deleted on their messenger screen, but simultaneously you’d be capable of seeing them.

Can I back up my GBWhatsApp Pro messages?

Yeah, you can back up your messages and media files within GB WhatsApp Pro, but that can’t go mutually with Google Account as it worked on the official app. You have to use a different procedure as we informed in this article.


When you look deep through the concerns you’re having with online instant messaging, the approach will take you back to a modified version. Not all the WhatsApp Mods are safer to be used with default WhatsApp accounts, but we got a reputed option here; GBWhatsApp Pro.

This app consists of the add-on anti-ban scripts, and still, you need to learn the above tips carefully to resist being banned while using it. Enjoy a plethora of options now onwards!